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Here at Wolke, our range of devices is clear and easy to understand with perfectly matched original cartridges and inks.

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With a sound financial footing and its own clear profile, in Germany and worldwide, Wolke is well placed to offer long-term support. One of the many advantages of being part of the Videojet Group is that you only need one simple control platform for Videojet and Wolke printers.

Wolke Thermal Inkjet Team Launches Next Generation Printer For Track & Trace OEMs

Innovative m600 oem delivers ultimate integration flexibility with the...

m600 universal

Thermal Ink Jet Technology (TIJ) – Marking Systems From Wolke

Best-in-class: Maintenance-free marking systems from thermal ink jet provider Wolke

Customers are increasingly demanding more from their marking systems. So it is reassuring to be able to rely on an innovative printing system for product marking, both now and in the future.

With the m600 series maintenance-free marking systems, you can be sure you've made the right choice:

  • with continuous traceability for your products
  • with maximum protection against product falsification
  • with increasing production reliability
  • with clear and easy-to-read customer information

Wolke Marking Systems Set Standards

Products should be marked cleanly and quickly during the production process. Printing systems from Wolke are specially designed for this.

With the revolutionary development of the m600 maintenance-free printer system, you can count on stability and the highest print quality - at a reasonable cost. This is evidenced by the endlessly tried and tested Hewlett Packard cartridges used in the m600.

The thermal ink jet (TU) marking technology from Wolke provides industry and trade with a high-resolution ink jet solution. DataMatrix codes, QR codes, and much more can be printed in crisp, high-resolution with printers from Wolke.

Why choose Wolke marking systems? The m600 series which includes the m600 basic, m600 advanced, and the m600 touch is in a class of its own when it comes to industrial printers. No matter whether you need to print blisters, wood, pharmaceuticals, food, or tobacco, the ink jet printers from Wolke with high-quality cartridges are simply excellent.

There are many marking systems on the market, but with its years of experience, Wolke made thermal ink jet technology (TU) a viable option. As a medium-sized company, Wolke now benefits from a global reach thanks to its integration in the Videojet Group. The ink jet marking systems print DataMatrix codes and QR codes in many branches of industry around the world.

Track and trace is just as much an issue as expiry dates and serialization. The industrial printers from Wolke simply code everything.

Simple is Better: Industrial Marking Technology From Wolke.

Not quite convinced yet?

  • With their marking systems, Wolke is the perfect partner for industrial marking
  • Wolke made thermal ink jet technology (TU) a viable option for industrial product marking
  • Need to print DataMatrix and QR codes onto packages? No problem
  • Whatever your industry: Food, pharmaceuticals, wood or tobacco: Wolke provides high-resolution coding